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What can help us and what we need is globalisation of compassion. Globalisation of cooperation. They are a precondition for overcoming problems we are facing,“ stated Zuzana Čaputová, the President of the Slovak Republic in the Report on State of the Country.

These words bring hope. Hope that solidarity and empathy could bring together a world divided by its borders. We are facing global challenges, setting global targets and discussing global issues. Often, it is, however, enough to respond to a specific call – HELP!

The Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation (SAIDC) under the logo of SlovakAid, with the help of its partners, support, under the country’s commitment to international solidarity, projects in the least developed and most vulnerable regions of the world. This way, Slovaks help abroad since 2003. Since than Slovakia became a donor instead of recipient and The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic started to provide official development assistance.

The HELP! exhibition includes photographs from Kenya, South Sudan, Iraq, Somalia and Lebanon displaying not only our projects but also the general situation and the living conditions in these countries. We believe these projects will contribute towards an understanding of just how vital Slovakia’s help is.

Our gratitude goes to our partners – NGOs, international and other organisations and subjects which implement projects supported by SlovakAid.

We specially thank our long-term partner, the author of the exhibited pictures Ján Husár and creative minds from Studio Echt for original design.

Signing the UN Charter created a commitment for Slovakia and others “to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security”. The UN story began in June 1945. It is a story of global cooperation of mankind, which rose from the debris of the WWII not to repeat such atrocity again. Since its establishment, the UN represents the pillar of international relations and this exhibition commemorates 75th Anniversary of its birth. By the words of Ivan Korčok, the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, “we live in a world with no isolated solutions for many global issues. I think, this is best visible today, when the entire world is plagued by the aftermaths of the global crises.”

It is our honor to invite you to our exhibition - the Slovakia’s response to a call for HELP!




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