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Micro-grants (small grants) as a financial contribution represent an operative and effective form of the development cooperation of the Slovak Republic, that allows Slovak embassies to react very promptly and properly to various needs and issues of the partner country. At the same time, by providing this form of the financial assistance, Slovakia is becoming more and more visible in the world of the developing cooperation. The ultimate recipients are people in need living in poverty, but grants can also be allocated among certain organizations, support groups or entities that play role in the distribution process of charity financial assistance. In 2014, embassies from partner countries could submit their applications for micro-grant financing, whereby there have been set a financial limit of 5 000 euros.

Concrete applications are always reviewed at the end of the month, in which they were submitted, up to June 30. If a situation arises where there is a financial imbalance in the micro-grant budget line, applications are reviewed up to September 15. In the assessment process, emphasis is put on the development aspect of the project as well as on the sustainability of results of designated projects. An important preference factor is also whether a certain country appertain to priority countries which are defined in the Medium-term Strategy for Development Cooperation of the Slovak republic for 2014-2018 and Bilateral Development Cooperation Programme for 2014.

The total volume allocated for microgrants is 300 000 euros in 2014. The rules and procedures for providing of financial contributions from ODA for embassies of the Slovak Republic are adjusted by the Directive of the MFaEA of the Slovak Republic No. 68/2011 of 30. June 2011.

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