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Sharing Slovak Expertise (SSE)

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 What is SSE?

Sharing Slovak Expertise (SSE) is a tool of official development cooperation of the Slovak Republic, launched in January 2019. It is a continuation of the CETIR program, which was part of ODA since 2011. Activities under SSE are part of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) of the Slovak Republic and are funded from the budget of the MFEA of the Slovak Republic allocated for this purpose. The budget of SSE tool is set annually in the Programming for Bilateral Development Cooperation of the Slovak Republic, which is approved by the Slovak Government.

SSE's main mission is to offer and transfer expertise, experience and recommendations from successful governance reforms in various areas where the Slovak Republic has comparative advantages. At the same time, SSE contributes to the strengthening of personnel capacities in state and public administration and self-government of partner countries.

SSE activities - study visits, expert secondments, internships, round tables and seminars - can involve representatives of state and public administration bodies and local and regional authorities. In justified cases, non-governmental organizations, the academic community, the private sector, and other entities may be involved in the sharing of Slovak experience and expertise.

The SSE is defined as a separate instrument of bilateral development cooperation, but it is also used as support for other instruments defined in the Medium-Term Strategy for Development Cooperation of the Slovak Republic 2019 - 2023.

Focus of the SSE tool

In terms of territorial focus, the SSE focuses on the ODA program countries, in particular Moldova and Georgia, and the partner regions and countries - the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo*, Macedonia, Serbia) and the Eastern Partnership (Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine). In justified cases, the tool can also be used in other developing countries from the DAC/OECD list, in which the Slovak Republic has an Embassy.

The sectoral priorities of the SSE are aligned with the six sectors defined in the Medium-Term Strategy for Development Cooperation of the SR 2019-2023 and with two integrated cross-cutting themes:

1. Quality education

2. Good health

3. Good governance and civil society building

4. Food security and agriculture

5. Infrastructure and sustainable use of natural resources

6. Supporting the creation of a market environment

Cross-cutting themes:

1. Environment and climate change

2. Equal opportunities

A detailed description of the sectoral and cross-cutting themes is found in the Medium-Term Strategy for Development Cooperation of the SR 2019-2023.

Implementation of SSE activities

SSE is focused on strengthening cooperation between Slovak experts and representatives of state authorities and institutions in partner countries. As a flexible tool, it responds to the specific needs of the partner country with the use of experience and with the active participation of Slovak ministries and other institutions.

SSE's long-term ambition is to establish partnerships with experts across government, public administration, local government, and possibly the non-governmental, academic and private sectors. Therefore, coordinated cooperation of the MFEA SR and SAIDC with relevant experts is exceptionally important.

Implementation of the SSE tool is provided by SAIDC through its SSE Contact Point. The primary role in implementation is played by Slovak embassies, which initiate and submit proposals for activities, based on requests from institutions in partner countries. The Steering Committee is responsible for the management of the tool, in accordance with an approved Statute.

Contact details

Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation (SAIDC)
Pražská 7
811 04 Bratislava

Ing. Veronika Basta                                                                Alexandra Šarinová, M.A.
SSE Contact Point                                                                    SSE Contact Point
veronika.basta@slovakaid.sk                                                   alexandra.sarinova@slovakaid.sk
+421 2 5978 2611/ +421 918 400 592                                +421 2 5978 2614/ +421 915 987 269

*In accordance with UNSCR no. 1244/99 and the International Court of Justice's Advisory Opinion on the Declaration of Independence of Kosovo.