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Business Partnership Programme

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An important factor in development is the creation of jobs, support of the mobilisation of domestic resources and support of business. The involvement of the private sector is, therefore, an important precondition for ensuring a successful sustainability of the development activities. Business Partnership Programme supports the synergy between the goals of Slovak development cooperation and the goals of business sector in developing countries. At the same time it strengthens the social-economic development of local communities (jobs, capacities building, access to basic goods and services) and mobilises private financial resources in order enhance development activities. The programme helps to establish new partnerships with local business entities aiming at sustainable capacity building of partners. It also helps Slovak entities to access the market of the partner countries. Furthermore, the programme supports expansion of existing activities of the private sector in partner countries with emphasis on their interconnection with Slovak development interventions. Direct export support is excluded from the programme.

Goal of the programme: strengthen the social-economic development of partner countries by support of the private sector.
Territorial focus: primarily programme and project countries.


Sectoral focus: sectoral priorities are based on the Concept of Involving Business Entities in Development Cooperation of the SR, approved by MFEA SR in October 2012:

  • energy - production and distribution of energy, support of sustainable resources of energy, energy efficiency;
  • infrastructure - building transport, logistics and communications infrastructure;
  • environment - ecological technologies, protection against natural disasters, hydrogeology;
  • water and sanitation - supply, treatment and distribution of drinking water, waste management;
  • agriculture - forest management, management of agricultural production, increasing agricultural production, building irrigation systems, food security, modernisation of the agricultural sector (production and processing);
  • building of social infrastructure (educational and healthcare institutions).

Instruments: small grant scheme, Start Up, loans with a grant element, instrument of Slovak Republic - UNDP cooperation, instrument of Slovak Republic - EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund.