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Humanitarian Aid Programme

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Humanitarian aid is an important component of Slovak development cooperation. It is governed by certain specific features which arise from the necessity to flexibly and promptly respond to the current requirements of countries affected by humanitarian crisis. The SR provides humanitarian aid in compliance with the principles of Good Humanitarian Donorship and the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid, adopted by the SR in 2007. Humanitarian aid is provided in accordance with the needs of the international community, therefore, sectoral and territorial priorities are not defined for this programme.

Goal of the programme: mitigate negative impacts of humanitarian crises caused by natural disasters, armed conflicts, social conflicts, etc.


Instruments: The Humanitarian Aid Programme is based on the Mechanism for Providing Humanitarian Aid (approved on 12 of April, 2006 by the Resolution of the Government of the SR No. 310/2006). The key is the coordination with other donors, mainly within the EU, that allows for reducing the costs of humanitarian material transport effectively. Humanitarian aid can take both the financial form (with MFEA SR being in charge of) and the material form (with MI SR being in charge of).